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Hellish Rebuke 5e D&D Guide



Greetings, fellow adventurers! I’m Alex Hawthorne, a devoted D&D enthusiast, and today I’m here to delve into the fiery depths of hellish magic and explore the formidable spell known as Hellish Rebuke.

Picture this: your enemies striking you, only to be met with searing flames, burning them for their audacity.

Hellish Rebuke is a spell that harnesses the wrath of the Nine Hells, allowing you to retaliate against those who dare to harm you.

Let’s uncover the infernal power of Hellish Rebuke, a spell that turns your enemies’ aggression into their own demise.

What is Hellish Rebuke in D&D 5e?

Hellish Rebuke is a 1st-level evocation spell in D&D 5th Edition that channels the fires of the Nine Hells.

When you are damaged by a creature within range and can see the attacker, you can unleash hellish flames in retaliation.

The attacker is engulfed in burning agony, taking damage from the infernal wrath you command.

How to Master the Power of Hellish Rebuke:

Mastering Hellish Rebuke requires timing, awareness, and a vengeful spirit.

Here’s how you can wield this spell with diabolical finesse:

  1. Triggering the Spell: Hellish Rebuke is triggered as a reaction when you are damaged by a creature within 60 feet of you and can see the attacker. Keep an eye on your surroundings and be prepared to unleash the spell when enemies strike.
  2. Damage Output: Hellish Rebuke deals 2d10 fire damage at 1st level, increasing to 3d10 at 2nd level, 4d10 at 3rd level, and so on. The damage scales with higher spell slots, making it increasingly devastating as you gain more power.
  3. Versatile Use: Hellish Rebuke can be used both defensively and offensively. Use it to punish attackers who target you, or combine it with effects that force enemies to target you, ensuring they face the fiery consequences.
  4. Combination with Dexterity Saves: Creatures targeted by Hellish Rebuke can make a Dexterity saving throw to halve the damage. Consider effects that impose disadvantage on saving throws or use abilities that lower enemies’ Dexterity scores to increase the spell’s effectiveness.
  5. Tactical Retreat: Hellish Rebuke can deter enemies from attacking you, providing an opportunity for a tactical retreat. Use it when you need to disengage from combat or create distance between yourself and foes.

Rules for Using Hellish Rebuke:

  1. Spell Level: Hellish Rebuke is a 1st-level evocation spell, which means you need to be at least a 1st-level spellcaster (such as a 1st-level warlock) to cast it.
  2. Casting Time: Hellish Rebuke has a casting time of 1 reaction, which you take in response to being damaged by a creature within 60 feet of you that you can see. This means you can cast the spell immediately after you are damaged, without using your regular action.
  3. Range: The spell has a range of 60 feet. You can cast Hellish Rebuke on a creature within this range that damaged you.
  4. Damage: Hellish Rebuke deals 2d10 fire damage at 1st level. The damage increases as you reach higher levels: at 2nd level (3d10), 3rd level (4d10), and so on, up to a maximum of 10d10 at 9th level or higher. The damage is halved if the target succeeds on a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC.
  5. Saving Throw: The target of Hellish Rebuke can make a Dexterity saving throw to half the damage. The DC for the saving throw is calculated based on your spellcasting ability, such as Charisma for warlocks.
  6. No Concentration Required: Hellish Rebuke is an instantaneous spell, meaning it has no duration and doesn’t require concentration. Once you cast it, the spell effect ends after the damage is dealt.
  7. Reaction Trigger: You can cast Hellish Rebuke only as a reaction, triggered by being damaged by a creature’s attack. It cannot be cast on your turn as an action or bonus action.
  8. Visual and Auditory Effects: Hellish Rebuke is accompanied by fiery visual and auditory effects, signifying the infernal retaliation unleashed upon the target.
  9. Spell Slots: Hellish Rebuke does not require the use of spell slots. It is a racial trait for tieflings and is also available as a spell known to certain classes, such as warlocks.

Examples of Hellish Rebuke Usage:

Imagine you’re a tiefling warlock, your infernal heritage coursing through your veins. A burly orc swings a massive axe at you, dealing a heavy blow.

Seizing the moment, you cast Hellish Rebuke, and the orc is engulfed in flames, roaring in pain. The tables have turned, and your foe now faces the consequences of their aggression.

In another scenario, a cunning rogue attempts to land a sneak attack on you.

As their dagger pierces your armor, you retaliate with Hellish Rebuke, the flames searing the rogue and forcing them to retreat, their ambush foiled by your infernal retaliation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hellish Rebuke in D&D 5e:

Q: Can Hellish Rebuke be cast in response to any type of damage?

A: No, Hellish Rebuke can be cast only in response to damage from a creature’s attack, not from environmental hazards, spells, or other non-attack sources.

Q: Does Hellish Rebuke require concentration to maintain?

A: No, Hellish Rebuke is an instantaneous spell and does not require concentration. It triggers as a reaction and deals damage immediately without the need for concentration.

Q: Can Hellish Rebuke be cast even if the attacker is not within melee range?

A: Yes, Hellish Rebuke has a range of 60 feet. As long as the attacker causing damage is within this range and you can see them, you can cast Hellish Rebuke in response to their attack.

Q: Does Hellish Rebuke deal half damage on a successful saving throw?

A: Yes, the target of Hellish Rebuke can make a Dexterity saving throw to halve the damage. If the saving throw succeeds, the damage is reduced by half.

Q: Can Hellish Rebuke be used against multiple attackers if they all damage the caster?

A: No, Hellish Rebuke targets only the specific creature that damaged you, even if multiple creatures attack you. It can be used against each individual attacker separately.

Armed with the wrath of the Nine Hells, you can turn the tide of battle and make your enemies regret crossing you.

May your enemies burn in the fires of retribution, and may your adventures be filled with triumphs forged in the infernal flames!

Safe travels, and may your spells always strike fear into the hearts of your foes!

Hey, I'm Alex Hawthorne, a D&D enthusiast for two incredible decades. From battling beholders to deciphering ancient runes, I've lived it all. Now, I'm here to share my adventures, wisdom, and a few critical hits. Let's roll!

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