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At I Love TableTop, we’re more than just enthusiasts; we’re passionate storytellers, avid gamers, and dedicated adventurers, bound together by the love for tabletop games.

Founded in the spirit of camaraderie and the thrill of rolling the dice, our website stands as a testament to the immersive world of tabletop gaming.

Our journey began with a vision sparked by Wil Wheaton’s crowdfunding campaign for TableTop, a beloved show that united gamers worldwide.

Inspired by Wheaton’s dedication to the community, I Love TableTop was born, a hub where gaming aficionados converge to celebrate the art, strategy, and joy of tabletop games.

Why Trust Us?

Experience and Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned gamers and writers like Alex Hawthorne, a venerable D&D enthusiast with two incredible decades of experience. With battle-tested knowledge, we bring you expert insights, strategies, and reviews, ensuring you make informed decisions in your gaming quests.

Comprehensive Coverage: From classic board games that have stood the test of time to intricate role-playing adventures that ignite the imagination, we cover it all. Our guides are meticulously crafted to cater to both beginners seeking the thrill of their first game and seasoned players craving new challenges.

Community-Driven Content: At I Love TableTop, we believe in the power of community. Our content is shaped by the collective wisdom of our readers and contributors. We encourage vibrant discussions, share user-generated stories, and foster a sense of belonging among tabletop enthusiasts worldwide.

What Sets Us Apart?

Immersive Guides: Dive deep into the heart of tabletop gaming with our immersive guides. Whether you’re exploring the mystical realms of fantasy RPGs or mastering the intricate strategies of board games, our guides are your trusted companions, illuminating the path to victory.

Exclusive Insights: Gain exclusive access to behind-the-scenes action with our in-depth articles, video diaries, and interviews. We take you beyond the game table, offering glimpses into the creative minds shaping the gaming industry.

Transparent and Credible: We believe in transparency. When you engage with I Love TableTop, you can trust that our recommendations and reviews are unbiased and honest. We are committed to providing accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information, ensuring you can make confident choices in your gaming pursuits.

Meet Our Expert D&D Enthusiast: Alex Hawthorne

Allow us to introduce you to our resident expert on all things Dungeons & Dragons, Alex Hawthorne. With an unmatched passion for the world of tabletop role-playing games, Alex is your go-to guide for all your D&D adventures. With two decades of dedicated experience in the realms of dungeons, dragons, and daring quests, Alex is not just a writer but a seasoned dungeon master and storyteller extraordinaire.

A Legacy of D&D Mastery:

For the past twenty years, Alex has been immersed in the intricate tapestry of Dungeons & Dragons. From battling ancient dragons to crafting immersive campaigns, Alex’s expertise in the world of D&D is unparalleled. His deep understanding of the game mechanics, lore, and storytelling nuances makes him a trusted authority in the realm of fantasy tabletop adventures.

Why Trust Alex’s D&D Insights?

  1. In-Depth D&D Knowledge: Alex’s expertise is laser-focused on Dungeons & Dragons. His in-depth understanding of the game’s rules, classes, spells, and campaign settings ensures that his articles are rich in detail and accuracy, catering specifically to D&D enthusiasts.
  2. Passionate Dedication to D&D: Alex’s passion for Dungeons & Dragons shines through in every word he writes. His dedication to the game and its community is evident, making his articles not only informative but also infused with the love and excitement that D&D fans crave.
  3. Creative Dungeon Mastering: As a seasoned dungeon master, Alex possesses a unique talent for crafting compelling narratives and challenging adventures. His insights into dungeon mastering techniques, character development, and world-building are invaluable resources for both novice and experienced players.
  4. Community Engagement: Alex actively participates in the D&D community, staying abreast of the latest rule updates, adventure modules, and player-created content. This ensures that his articles are not only accurate but also relevant to the current state of the game.

When you delve into an article penned by Alex Hawthorne, you’re not just reading about Dungeons & Dragons; you’re embarking on a quest guided by a true D&D aficionado. Trust in his mastery, let his insights fuel your creativity, and embark on epic adventures in the world’s greatest role-playing game.

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